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"We are experts at babying ourselves;
we must look at ourselves with the strictest eyes."

Tsutomu Ohshima

Canada Shotokan conducts regional special practices known as "Special Trainings" twice a year, usually in the winter and summer. These are the most important events for any karate student, for they allow one to push oneself to one's limits through intensive training periods from three to four days in duration, with several practices each day. Many students agree that Special Trainings are the most demanding and strenuous mental and physical experiences of their lives.

The ideals behind Special Training are most clearly articulated by SKA senior Sadaharu Honda:

"We know that human beings are very kind to themselves and are living as easily as they can. In this kind of situation we only maintain what we have, and the only way to obtain something new is to push ourselves strongly forward. The purpose of practicing karate is to develop physical and mental strength by putting ourselves into hardship."